Army Corp of Engineers McCook Reservoir Tunnel Shaft - McCook, IL

ACR was subcontracted by James McHugh Construction in the Fall of 2010 to Shotcrete the McCook Reservoir Tunnel Shaft project for the Army Corp.
Quick Facts:
  • 286.5' deep, 90' diameter shaft
  • After the upper 50' was damaged by heavy rain, ACR was called to stabilize & underpin the lagging with Shotcrete
  • Blasting resumed the following day and had no effect on the Shotcrete, just 24 hours after placement
  • ACR Began work in June 2011 at the full depth of 286.5' to Shotcrete the entire shaft
  • 2,000 CY of Ready-Mix Shotcrete used to line the entire shaft at 6-12" thick with rock bolts and wire mesh
  • Shotcrete was the permanent solution for the shaft to be used for access in future tunnel work